Rescue Rope Specialists

Effective working at height rescue takes a lot of skill, knowledge and experience.  Here at Midlands FRS, our Rescue Rope Specialists can offer you all the expertise you need to ensure that your working at height rescue provisions are second to none. In 2018/19, the provisional RIDDOR* statistics show that more than 27% of fatalities at work were caused by falls from heights.  Working at height is the most frequent cause of fatal injuries to workers, and even in the best-regulated workplaces and sites, it is essential to have strategies in place to ensure that, if an accident does happen, those involved have the highest chance of survival. Rescue Rope Specialists, according to the Working at Height regulations, must have: the skills and knowledge to:

  • Inspect, anchor, assemble, and use fall protection and rescue equipment safely.
  • Recognise fall hazards.
  • Implement fall hazard control methods.
  • Conduct fall protection and rescue procedures.
  • Inspect equipment and systems before use.


Rescue Rope Specialists Training should be up to date and renewed at least annually.

Technical Rescue

Technical rescue refers to the aspects of saving life that employ the use of tools and skills that exceed those normally reserved for emergency medical services or firefighting. In addition to being members of the British Fire and Rescue Association, our skilled Rescue Rope Specialists have had years of training and experience in a full range of technical rescue services.  These include vehicle and machinery rescue, confined-space rescue, rope rescue, trench and excavation rescue, structural collapse rescue, water rescue, and swift water rescue.  We can provide Rescue Rope Specialists training, cover and expertise in all aspects of technical rescue.

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