Hot work cover

Hot work cover is necessary when you are undertaking “any procedure that might involve or have the potential to generate sufficient heat, sparks or flame to cause a fire. Hot work includes welding, flame cutting, soldering, brazing, grinding and the use of other equipment incorporating a flame, e.g. tar boilers, etc.” (British Standards Institution (BSI) in BS 9999)

None of us likes it because, obviously, it can create significant hazards that put workers, those around them, and the premises itself in danger. Sometimes, though, there is no alternative and essential maintenance, rescue or emergency repairs need to be undertaken in hot conditions where there is the ever-present risk of fire.

At Midlands FRS we have the expertise to help you to create a permit for hot work, taking account of risks that it poses and what control measures are necessary for mitigating these risks.  When you have no alternative to hot work, get in touch with us and our hot work cover team will provide you with all the assistance you need to ensure the safety of your operatives, your premises and your surroundings.

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