Confined Space Rescue Cover 

Our confined space rescue cover is designed to make sure your workers can get out of a tight spot quickly and safely.  When you want skilled, experienced professionals who have many years’ combined experience with confined space rescue cover in a range of industrial settings, get in touch with us at Midlands FRS.

Even the most stringent safety precautions can’t, unfortunately, mitigate every possibility when your people are working in confined spaces. Whether you’re in the waste disposal, water, utilities or petro-chemical industry, our specialists – all of them members of the British Fire and Rescue Association – are here to help and advise you. All the experience, expertise and equipment you need in such an emergency will be available to make sure your valued team members are rapidly rescued and restored to safety.

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High Risk Confined Space Rescue Cover and Recovery of Casualties


All confined space work comes with risk, and your policies and procedures are designed with the specific risks for your industry in mind. Even when the risks are compounded by flooding, toxic gases or structural failure, our experienced team can work with your safety professionals to ensure that any casualties that result from an accident or injury in a confined space have the best chance of a successful rescue. When you combine your specialist knowledge of your particular industry with our vast experience of high risk confined space rescue and recovery of casualties, you increase the likelihood of the best possible outcome from any situation.

Let us advise you on the type of cover we can offer, and give us the opportunity to work with you to ensure your safety record is second to none.

Emergency Rescue 

Emergency rescue from any industrial accident requires a high level of technical expertise, knowledge and experience. You usually need specialist equipment to remove casualties safely, which in turn requires first class training and exceptional skill. Whether your personnel need to emergency rescue from confined spaces or locations where rope access is required, Midlands FRS can offer you a service second to none.

Our emergency rescue team members have the experience, training and equipment to help your industry with emergency rescue cover. Contact us today.

Breathing Apparatus

When breathing apparatus is essential for the safety of your personnel and our rescue specialists, we have the right equipment for the job. Balancing the requirements of safety and agility, security and flexibility, is essential. Every industrial rescue is unique, but here at Midlands FRS we can call on the expertise of our specialist teams. All of them are members of the British Fire and Rescue Association and have many years of high level training and experience behind them.

Our breathing apparatus is tested and maintained to the highest standards to ensure the safety of our teams and the best opportunities for your personnel to remain secure despite confined spaces, toxic fumes or flooding. Let us provide you with breathing apparatus, personnel and training to keep you safe. Get in touch now.

Confined Space regulations 

The confined space regulations are designed to ensure minimum risk and maximum safety where operatives are required to work in a space that has limited ventilation, limited entry and exit points and is not normally intended for continued human occupancy. The dangers of suffocation due to lack of oxygen in the air, or from the ingress of water or free-flowing solid substances, are compounded by the risks of toxic fumes or flammable atmospheres. Too much oxygen can pose a risk as much as too little. Too little, and people find their judgement is impaired, lose consciousness or die. Too much, and normally safe substances become more flammable or explosive.  It is essential that anyone working in a confined space is fully conversant with the confined space regulations, with your own safe practice policies.

At Midlands FRS, we can train your staff, offer guidance as to safe working practices and provide confined space rescue cover when you need it.

national occupational standards 

The national occupational standards define the skills, knowledge and responsibilities for those working in the full range of occupations. Our experts here at Midlands FRS are constantly evaluating the standards and ensuring compliance in a wide range of industries, including waste management, utilities and petro chemicals. To give your sites the highest standard of safe working practices and the greatest opportunities for impeccable safety records, get in touch with us for guidance, training and advice on the appropriate national occupational standards in each situation.

Safety is essential to the wellbeing of all your employees, the wider environment and ultimately to your profit margins. Make sure you are working with the best quality advice and training – available now from Midlands FRS.