First Aid Training Courses

Casualty care

 First aid training courses are vital to ensure that your workforce are prepared to deal with any potential medical emergency. Good casualty care in an emergency can make massive differences to outcomes. It can mean the difference between someone losing a leg, or being able to walk and run again. Of course, in extreme situations, it is a matter of life or death. Good casualty care training is an essential part of first aid provision where there is any risk at all of accidental injury, whether on a construction site, a mountain side or in industrial premises.

Good communication – the ability to listen to the patient (if conscious), or look for tell-tale signs or identity tags to spot any underlying conditions – is an essential skill in good casualty care. Once your rescue teams have done their job, it’s vital to establish whether the person needs specialist medication, or whether they’re at risk of hypoglycaemia or anaphylactic shock from an allergic reaction.  Skilled examination of the casualty for hidden injuries will inform casualty handling procedures

Casualty Care Courses from Midlands FRS

Our team members include highly trained paramedics, who are constantly undergoing continuous professional development to ensure their knowledge and skills base are in line with the most up to date research and practice in this specialist area.  Talk to us today about how we can help you improve and augment your first aid provision.  Offer your first aiders the additional special skills required for effective casualty care.


Casualty handling

Proper casualty handling is an essential skill in any rescue scenario. Moving a casualty out of imminent danger, only to have them suffer more – possibly fatal – damage from inappropriate handling in the process, is unfortunately a heart-breaking reality. Not only does the patient suffer, but the rescuer can be badly affected by his or her perceived contribution to their subsequent difficulties.

Casualty Handling Courses from Midlands FRS

Here at Midlands FRS, we offer casualty handling courses and training for all skill levels and a range of scenarios. Your rescue and first aid teams will benefit from the knowledge and skills we can impart through increased confidence and a wider skill-set, enabling them to be effective team members and to do the jobs they’ve signed up for. Rescuers and first-aiders are invariable people who want to be of the greatest possible service in emergency situations, and giving them the training they need to handle those situations well and with care is the way to maintain morale and motivation in your teams. Of course, improved effectiveness leads to improved outcomes, no matter what the emergency.

Our courses cover the essentials of communication, carrying, and the use of specialist equipment. The focus, as ever, is on safety both for the casualty and the rescuer. An essential part of any rescue cover training, by land, water or working at height, our casualty handling courses will keep your personnel engaged and safe.  Call us today to discuss your needs.


First Aid Trauma Care

First aid trauma care training equips your rescuers and first aiders to assess the gravity of a casualty’s condition and to take appropriate action to protect them from further suffering or death. Fractures, internal injuries and underlying health conditions all make moving and handling casualties more risky and complicated. The need to remove the casualty from danger is always carefully balanced with the need to ensure that further trauma doesn’t result from moving him or her in an inappropriate way.

Our first aid trauma care courses are led by people who have worked on the front line of fire and rescue services in the public and private sectors. They are constantly updating their own knowledge and skills to ensure that the training we offer to your personnel reflects the latest research and best practice models. All members of the British Fire and Rescue Association, they are in constant touch with front-line workers and still work in live situations on a regular basis.

Get in touch with Midlands FRS today for more information on first aid training courses including first aid trauma care training and equipment.