Commercial Fire cover

Our public event fire cover is designed to keep your event safe from the threat of the outbreak and spread of fire. A fire at a sporting venue, social event or concert threatens not only lives, but reputations and profits suffer – sometimes irreparably.

Whatever your event, make sure you have the best public event fire cover by contacting Midlands FRS today. We have trained professionals, members of the British Fire and Rescue Association, available to help you ensure the fire safety of your event. These people will carry out fire risk assessments, remove hazards, and ensure escape routes before the beginning of the event to help prevent any foreseeable threats.  This work is unseen by the public but vital to the success and safety of any public event. Uniformed fire stewards offer a reassuring presence, often not consciously noticed but nevertheless making a great contribution to the overall safety.

On the day, we can provide experienced and qualified fire marshals, specialist equipment and advise on all aspects of fire safety so that your customers, guests and staff can have a relaxed and enjoyable day.

Get in touch with us now to find out more about our fire cover options for public events.