Explosions and fires can needlessly kill and injure employees, site workers, and damage property worth millions of pounds. Having a reliable fire safety service provider, is always a major plus that adds an extra level of security to industrial operations. But ultimately, it is the business’ responsibility to ensure that fire risks are contained and controlled on their sites, ensuring the safety, health, and welfare of individuals and mitigating the risks from fire and other emergencies.

Benefits of Fire Safety Site Cover

Fire and explosions on industrial sites can take the innocent lives of workers and employees while also causing severe damage to goods and property. Not having sufficient safety protocols on site can make a bad situation even worse. According to recent fire statistics from the Fire Protection Association, the UK’s National Fire Safety Organisation, every year, an average of 22,000 fire incidents take place across industries resulting in some 17 deaths. This despite more than £8Billion being spent on fire prevention and recovery.

These fires and the damage they cause can easily cause a company to collapse or be brought to their knees. There are a plethora of reasons why accidents such as these take place. One of the biggest reasons is that managers and executives are unaware of the risks present on an industrial site. But ignorance is certainly not bliss.

Let’s look at one potential threat: One of the most overlooked fire threats can be combustible dust which is a major cause of explosion and fire in industries such as food manufacturing, pharmaceutical plants, manufacturing sites, etc. Flour dust can be especially dangerous. In short, anything that has the potential to catch fire and can be found in an industrial site. The worst part is that these explosions are not easy to contain. In a typical scenario, a common combustible element will catch fire, causing a minor explosion leading to other combustible materials catching fire as well.

This is just one of the scenarios among many where life and property are at a high risk. Business owners need to understand and act on the possible threat levels to the life and wealfare of their employees and anyone else on site. Understanding, planning and acting will increase the security and safety of the workplace and also result in increased employee safety and wellbeing.

Identifying where site risks and putting a plan in operation to prevent or manage them is vitally important to avoid disasters. Engaging a professional Fire Risk Management Team like MidlandsFRS is an important step in the right direction. MidlandsFRS offers both fire safety surveys, training and also site coverage to all its clients protecting their people, equipment, buildings and neighbours.

Why Us?

At Midlands FRS, we are known for delivering, site surveys and site cover along with high-quality First Aid and health and safety training to numerous clients for more than a decade. We have a staff of professional, well-trained individuals who are all experienced and understand all safety protocols in compliance with the National Occupational Standards and other nationally recognised codes of practice.

Our team also includes current and former members of the fire and rescue services. Their years of experience in the field allows them to be more efficient in protecting and rescuing people from scenarios where their life is on the line.

We aim to provide efficient, professional, and swift service, working on the core principles of protecting, preventing, and responding.