What you need to know

What defines a confined space?

confined space is defined as a small area unsuitable for human interaction with limited entry/exit points. A majority of confined areas have restricted access due to safety concerns, but say you were to find yourself or another person trapped in a confined area, what should you do? Today we are going to discuss how to go about this situation.

Can you help yourself?

If you find yourself trapped in a confined area, it is only instinct to panic and try to remove yourself from the space; is it safe though? The primary thing to remember in a situation like this is not to panic. If you try to dislodge yourself, you may worsen your situation. You must remember to observe before you act, be patient, and do not act on impulse. If you cannot manage to dislodge yourself from the confined area, call for help. (It is always wise to call for help immediately after finding someone or yourself stuck in a confined area).

Types of retrieval operations-

Luckily, there are men and women who receive extensive training at facilities such as MidlandsFRS in confined area rescue operations. There are three primary methods to confined area retrieval which include self-escape, non-entry retrieval, and entry retrieval; here is what to expect out of each method-

Self-Escape- We have already discussed the idea of a self-escape, just remember to observe before you act and be patient. In the presence of trained professionals, you will be instructed on how to extract yourself safely, so remember to pay attention to every detail given.

Non-Entry Retrieval- Non-entry retrievals are usually carried out when it is determined that the confined area is unstable and too risky for another person to enter. When using this method, retrieval teams will often provide items that the victim can use to escape the confined area.

Entry Retrieval- When the confined area is determined to be stable enough for another person to enter, the entry retrieval method is utilized. Using this method, a retrieval operator will enter the confined area and help the victim escape.

What we learn from this-

Remember that the key to escaping a confined area is patience. Keep in mind that the confined area retrieval teams such as MidlandsFRS receive extensive training and have your best interest in mind, so properly follow every order given to you by them. For more information on how to safely navigate and work in a confined area, tap or click here.