Face Fit Testing

RPE Face Fit Testing

RPE face fit testing is essential when your workforce is required to wear respiratory protective equipment.  None of us has a perfectly symmetrical face, and one size definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to protecting the wearer from toxic fumes or from airborne pathogens.  There are several things to take into consideration when selecting the right RPE for an individual, and here at Midlands FRS we have the expertise and training you need in order to test your staff’s RPE so that you can keep your workforce safe.

The dreadful pandemic that we are suffering from in 2020 highlights the need not only to protect the wearer from contamination, but to protect those around him or her from viruses that can be transmitted when you cough or sneeze – or just breathe out, if you are carrying an infection. Face masks were said to “offer some protection” – but in truth, a badly-fitting mask that isn’t sealed to the skin of the face can provide a false sense of security so this is where this testing is so important.

Professional Face Fit Testing

You need to provide a variety of face mask sizes and seals for your workforce, if they are to be protected from anything harmful that might be in the air they breathe.  Facial hair can break the seal between mask and airways, so beards or even stubble require alternative protection if the respiratory protective equipment is to be effective.

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